New artwork!

During a photo session, in search of a new pose for a naked woman, the model has had the idea to put his hands in this position. The tension of the muscles, the presence of the fingers, wrists, arms folded, creates variety of light and shadow so pleasant, and at disturbing at the same time. It is very difficult to find new ideas, this time I have managed, in the future hope to have the same luck.

Collage: Acrylic, Pastel, Photo, Paint and Spray Paint on Canvas and Paper.


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Small paintings

It is from approximately 2 weeks I am preparing a series of small size paintings (40x40cm). They are painted with portraits, mostly of women, and dogs. paintings are available for sale, here in my site, simply by writing to my email or through the art marketplace by definition, that is saatchiart.

The portraits I'm talking about I categorized them under the name of "sustainable gaze", and dogs, 2 for now but surely I will make others call it "fantastic dog!"

These paintings are made with acrylic paint and pastels, a mix that I really like, makes it similar to a watercolor, but with a touch blurry. 

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Artworks for sale

Maybe I have not ever written, but I remember it here in my blog, on my site. if you like my artworks, one of my paintings, done in acrylic, oil, with crayons, or a simple graphic design, please email me. I will tell you the price and how to buy it (it's very simple) I send it, you get home. All my paintings are for sale. Like any artist present here my artworks.


Like any artist of this modern world, hyper-connected, embedded in social networks, I sell my paintings through the online marketplace. I will use 2 for now, they are the best that you can find paintings and photographs, also prints. One is Saatchiart, the latro is Artfinder.

the use of these marketplaces is very simple and intuitive. What do you say, you like to watch some of my online pages?

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New painting

Fantastic dog! 2

Some paintings are born from the desire to create something new. After so many portraits of women and men, after many close-ups and portraits with faces painted in oils, acrylics and water-soluble pastels, I decided to dedicate some artworks to the dogs. First I made a portrait of my dog “Dana”, titled "Fantastic dog!". Now I present here the second dog portrait: “Fantastic dog! 2”. You can see in my website, or here: the marketplace Saatchiart (where the painting is on sale). It is small, 40x40cm but to me the small square paintings have always liked to hang on the wall in the company of other portraits or landscapes with clouds and blue sky in old type style.

Pastels and acrylic on canvas. 40x40cm

Stretched on a wooden frame.
Done in my studio in Castelfranco Veneto, in November of 2016

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New painting - "Fantastic dog! 1"

Pastels and acrylic on canvas. 40x40cm
Stretched on a wooden frame.
Done in my studio in Castelfranco Veneto, in November of 2016

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