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11/10/2019, 16:18


DRAWING BOX is a book I’m working on, which collects all the drawings made in the last two years. It is in an advanced stage of development. It will be enriched with my own texts and an introduction to the artworks. The pages of the book will have a weight of 150gsm. The whole book will be in color, and 300gsm covers. It will collect ink drawings, but also some with acrylic and pastel finishes, and also watercolor. The subjects of the drawings are mostly portraits, many of women. It’s hard work but interesting, sometimes difficult, and it will be complete by the end of this year, I hope even earlier. I will launch a special crowdfunding campaign on ULULE.COM. Who is interested, and who will read this blog please send me a message via email, or write me a message via form on the CONTACT page, and you will have exclusive news about the book and the project in general.

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